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About Us

RIZAM Holding enterprise is a family production company that started with activity since 1989.

The father of the owners – RIZA Morina- (from whom originates the name of the company by adding to name RIZA the initial M from Morina surname) along 60's was the first wagon artisan in Prizren region and Dukagjini valley that used rubber instead of wooden wheels.

Even today, many of those that ordered wagons with rubber wheels are very thankful and especially grateful for his invention on that time when he replaced handbrakes with footbrakes. Certainly, for the driver the advantages and comfort were huge since he was a master and it wasn't a need to step down and snaffle by hand each time when wagon goes downwards.

The oldest Riza's son, Mitat, along 70's was an electrician and dealt with winding of first electric motors in Prizren region. On 1989 was build and on June of same year in Mamusha started operating the Flour Mill named RIZAM – New Mill.

On 1997 in Mamusha was established factory for production of polypropylene bags called POLITEKS. It was the first and practically sole bags supplier in ex-Yugoslavian market.

On 2000 in Krusha e Vogel was build the first private Separator which processed and separated gravel of Drini i Bardhe river. During years 2006 to2008 in Krusha e Vogel was build IZOBLLOK the first private factory for production of clay construction material.

At company RIZAM Holding are employed over 120 employees.

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